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Choose the right trailer leg according to the model
- Jul 12, 2018 -

The trailer legs used for different models are different, so choose the appropriate trailer legs according to the specific model. For details, please refer to the following:

1. Flatbed, skeleton car. This is commonly used for semi-trailer transportation in ports and coastal areas. Because of the frequent hanging, the quality requirements for the legs are quite high. These models are not overloaded, so users are advised to choose 25T or 28T linkage legs from professional or large-volume manufacturers.

2. Fence car, warehouse car, van. Most of them are used for logistics or long-distance transportation, so there is generally an overload problem, so consider the more economical 16T single-action legs or the guaranteed 25T or 28T linkage legs when selecting the legs.

3. Other. For special equipment such as military vehicles, power generation vehicles, mechanical equipment, motor homes, boarding bridges, etc., we should select economically suitable special legs ranging from 2T to 25T depending on the actual situation.

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