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Reduce the damage to the trailer leg to pay attention to 3 points
- Jul 12, 2018 -

 I believe that many riders know what a trailer is, and know what it is for. However, most people only know one, but they don't know the other. They use the trailer's legs to pursue its role blindly, and ignore how to reduce the losses caused by the use. You only need to pay attention to these 3 points to reduce the damage of the legs and prevent accidents.

1. Put the legs well: When not using the legs, be sure to put them in the correct position, so as to ensure that the legs will not be damaged during the driving process, and the legs will be normal next time. use.

2, the ground is stable: when the legs are used on the tractors that are not in use, it is necessary to keep the semi-trailers stable and need to choose a stable site. If there are restrictions on the site, other auxiliary methods can be used, such as placing stones, wood, etc. under the wheels.

3, speed adjustment: semi-trailer and other cars use the same, you need to adjust the different speed. There are also strict restrictions on how to use the legs in different speeds. There is no limit to the speed of the goods when there is no cargo. However, when carrying goods, especially when carrying very heavy loads, slow speed must be used.

In order to better use the trailer legs, reduce the losses caused by the use, in order to extend the service life, I suggest you refer to the above points, I hope to help you.

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