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Semi-trailer support device
- Jul 12, 2018 -

Interpretation of the two-speed leg: The rocking leg has two speeds, which are suitable for both no-load and heavy-duty. The slow speed of the first gear is to pull the rocker out and shake it, which is suitable for heavy load. The other speed is fast, the rocker is pushed into the gearbox's gear position, and the rocking speed is increased when it is used to fold the leg or no load.

● Precautions for operating the legs:

1. You can use fast gear or slow gear when you are empty. However, it is strictly forbidden to use fast files when overloading.

2. When disengaging from the tractor, pay attention to whether the ground is flat. If necessary, support the underside of the disc to ensure that the supporting surface is basically level.

3. When the legs are closed, the joystick must be taken back to the original card position. In case of "legging" when walking, the legs are damaged.

● Maintenance items:

1. Always check the tightening of the leg bolts to prevent looseness and loss of support.

2. After using one year or 30,000 kilometers, add lithium grease to ensure the normal use of gear parts.

● Xiaobian summary: Card friends can not underestimate and ignore the importance of the legs, the basic accessories of any semi-trailer have simple legs. In addition, the legs need to be cared for and maintained. The maintenance of the legs will also make the car run more smoothly, and ensure the safety of the cargo and the trailer when loading and unloading the tractor.

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