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Three basic forms of trailer legs
- Jul 12, 2018 -

The setting of the trailer legs by the truck crane can greatly improve the lifting capacity of the crane. In order to make the crane safe and reliable during the lifting process, the legs are required to be firm and reliable, and the telescopic is convenient. Retracted while driving, and stretched out when working. Individual legs can also be individually adjusted depending on the ground conditions. At present, most of the legs use hydraulic legs. There are three basic forms of leg mechanisms: frog-type legs, H-shaped legs and X-shaped legs.

The frog type leg has a simple structure and a small span, and is suitable for use on small and medium tonnage cranes.

The H-shaped legs do not extend, and each leg can have only one vertical hydraulic cylinder, so the leg circuit uses H-shaped legs.

The function of the car-mounted crane legs is to provide a larger support span for the work of the car-mounted crane without increasing the width of the crane, thereby improving the lifting characteristics without reducing the mobility of the crane.

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