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Trailer support - post-up and mid-lift
- Jul 12, 2018 -

In order to better protect the performance of the trailer or the tractor, we will adjust the vehicle. Today, the trailer support manufacturer will explain the comparison between the upgrade and the medium upgrade after the trailer. What is the difference?

Trailer support - post-up and mid-lift

Rear lift bridge: After the drive axle, there will be no interference with the drive shaft. The car and chassis components are more conventionally arranged, and the structure is easier to lift than the middle bridge.

Middle lift bridge: Before the drive axle, due to avoiding interference with the drive shaft, the axle of the curved shaft is usually used, and the arrangement of the V-type push rod is also changed (bias V push).

Which upgrade is better in the post-lift comparison:

1. The rear axle lifting structure is simpler and to some extent an advantage;

2. In general, due to the interference of the drive shaft, the height of the middle lift bridge is relatively small;

3. After the lift is lifted, the vehicle is equivalent to a 4X2 drive, and the overall axle clearance of the rear axle lift is smaller, so the turning radius is also less (but if the lift bridge has a steering function, the mid-lifting steering is more flexible);

4. Due to the influence of the structure of the tractor (the saddle is located between the double rear axles), the axle load of the last axle is the largest when towing, so when the lifting bridge is lowered, the weight of the rear axle is greater than that of the middle axle. ;

5. Also due to the influence of the structure of the tractor (the saddle is located behind the second axis), when the rear axle is lifted, the axle load is excessively concentrated on the drive axle due to the cantilever beam moment, and the axle load of the steering axle is reduced. The adhesion of the front axle will be reduced, which will affect the steering performance to some extent, and even the phenomenon of squatting (so foreign trucks have movable saddles, in order to transfer the axle load).

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