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What are the precautions for the withdrawal of the legs?
- Jul 12, 2018 -

The operation method of the legs is to first pull out the fixing pins of the four horizontal legs. The chassis is an elastic suspension crane. Before the legs are tightened, the stabilizer is tightened. After the oil pump is idle for about 10 minutes, the knob of the rotary valve is screwed to the all-pass. Position, according to the extended direction indicated on the leg console, the horizontal leg control handle is extended, and the four horizontal legs of the crane are simultaneously extended until the end position of the stroke, and the handle is quickly reset. However, after the trailer legs have been used up, there are some retractable matters to be aware of.

1. After confirming that there is no one in the working area of the leg, the leg can be operated.

2. The leg must be operated by retracting the fabric arm and falling on the support arm of the fabric arm.

3. Finally, be sure to confirm that each leg control handle has returned to the middle position.

4. When the leg is about to be stretched or retracted in place, the action range of the operating handle should be reduced to make the leg gently seated to avoid impact.

 Note: When the car is parked in a bumpy place, this requires the length or height of the leg to extend. On the controller that controls the telescopic expansion of the leg, there are several bolts that can be adjusted with these bolts. It can also be controlled separately.

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