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Domestic Semi-trailer Accessories Market Development
- Jul 12, 2018 -

 Domestic semi-trailer accessories market is optimistic With the rapid development of China's macro economy, the domestic transportation market (especially docks, freight yards) is increasingly demanding semi-trailer accessories. Semi-trailers include: van semi-trailers, tank semi-trailers, flat-panel semi-trailers, container semi-trailers, and finished transport semi-trailers. Due to the advantages of relatively low price, fast transportation efficiency, large load capacity, and other provinces, the semi-trailer industry has brought about the development of double-super-management and other factors. After years of development, China's semi-trailer industry has begun to take shape. . According to statistics, there are currently more than 400 domestic semi-trailer manufacturers. The logistics and transportation industry can be said to be the largest demand market for semi-trailer products. At present, there are nearly 3 million freight enterprises in China, which have laid a foundation for the development of the semi-trailer and its accessories market.

At present, the manufacture of domestic semi-trailer parts is still in the stage of “white flowers are released”. The structure is unreasonable and the shape is not beautiful. The number of compartments as metal box cars is still small. With the modernization of transportation, semi-trailers must be developed. Compared with ordinary trucks, semi-trailers are relatively fuel-efficient, increase traffic and reduce the number of vehicles. Of course, semi-trailers also have shortcomings.

The construction and quick connection of the turntable: With the modernization of transportation, it is imperative to improve transportation efficiency. At present, the semi-trailer of such a fixed tractor is too inefficient to fully utilize the characteristics of semi-trailer transportation. It is necessary to quickly release the semi-trailer and the tractor, and reduce the delay of loading and unloading. The flatbed is easy to get rid of. Although the turntable has the advantages of good stability and reliable use, it is inconvenient to release it from the structural improvement.

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