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How To Distinguish The Quality Of Semi-trailer Legs
- Jul 12, 2018 -

In the market, the same load carrying semi-trailer legs, the price difference is very different, from tens of dollars to several hundred dollars, what is causing such a price disparity, many consumers are often at a loss, usually choose low-priced products. Today, Xiaobian introduces the comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the semi-trailer legs.

Cut corners, shoddy, shoddy. In some domestic regions (such as Liangshan District, Shandong Province), the appearance of outrigger products is similar to that of mainstream products, but the actual weight is 10-20KG. The materials used, the thickness of the steel plate are thin, and the key parts such as screw, nut and gear are used. It is not easy to use, and there are serious hidden dangers. Yangzhou unified leg gears are made of alloy steel, precision forged gears, screw rods, nuts and gears. They are heat treated and have strong durability and reliability. This is the factory that is responsible to consumers and responsible to society.

Some small individual enterprises, using trademarks and names similar to mainstream products, create illusions for consumers who do not know the inside, and are deceived.

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