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How To Maintain The Semi-trailer Legs
- Jul 12, 2018 -

To ground the semi-trailer leg, first use the high-speed gear (push-in), and when the foot is grounded, use the low-speed gear (pull-out) to ground the operation to a certain height. When raising the foot, first use the low speed gear, and then use the high speed gear after the foot is off the ground.

It is strictly forbidden to use overloaded or not allowed to operate illegally. Semi-trailers must be parked on a flat concrete pavement or on a tight, flat surface. It is not allowed to support the semi-trailer on a slope or on a soft dirt road. When picking up, lift the semi-trailer to the appropriate height: first quickly ground the support base with high-speed gear, then lift it with low-speed gear. After the foot is grounded, the crank rocker turns 4-8 turns (to make the semi-trailer support strong) Just fine. It is forbidden to rock the crank rocker in the middle excessive gear. Before the tractor starts, the legs must be fully retracted to ensure that the ground clearance of the legs is greater than 300mm.

The support device is filled with sufficient automotive lithium-based grease for lubrication at the time of assembly. In order to prevent the grease from failing after long-term use, to maintain good lubrication of the supporting device and prolong its service life, it is necessary to periodically replenish grease to each part.

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