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Technical Description Of Adjustable Linked Legs For Semi-trailers
- Jul 12, 2018 -

Interpretation of the two-speed leg: The rocking leg has two speeds, which are suitable for both no-load and heavy-duty. The slow speed of the first gear is to pull the rocker out and shake it, which is suitable for heavy load. The other speed is fast, the rocker is pushed into the gearbox's gear position, and the rocking speed is increased when it is used to fold the leg or no load.

The semi-trailer adjustable linkage leg comprises a left and right leg which can be installed at the front end of the semi-trailer and a leg seat hinged to the lower end of the leg, and a connecting shaft between the left and right legs, and the leg is an inner and outer sleeve structure a left-speed leg and/or a right leg and a double-speed gear transmission mechanism, the leg base includes a support plate in contact with the ground, and an automatic alignment and rotation device having a circular arc outer edge hinged to the leg. The automatic aligning and rotating device with the outer edge of the arc is hinged with the support plate, and the outer edge of the automatic aligning and rotating device with the outer edge of the arc is connected with the support plate, and the automatic aligning rotation device and the support plate are provided with a return position. The spring, the automatic alignment rotating device may be two parallel sector plates fixedly connected by a cross bar. The adjustable linked leg of the semi-trailer of the invention has the advantages of simple structure, can adapt to various uneven grounds, can automatically adjust the center of gravity, and adaptively adjusts the lateral external force that the leg bears when working.

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