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The Legs Play An Absolute Role When The Trailer Is Unstable
- Jul 12, 2018 -

When the idle speed of the trailer engine is unstable, the idle speed should be adjusted first. If the fault cannot be eliminated after the idle speed adjustment, check whether the idle speed hole and the idle air volume hole are blocked. If the volume hole is blocked, it can be cleaned with gasoline or acetone and blown with compressed air. If the measuring hole is not blocked, the engine speed should be stabilized at a certain speed. Check whether there is air leakage in the intake manifold or the middle or lower gasket of the carburetor. If there is air leakage, use the fastening screw or add The method of reducing the gasket to eliminate.

It should be noted that when most parts of the chassis are damaged, it will cause abnormal noise when the vehicle is abnormal or bumpy during driving. It is recommended that our driver's friends should find out the location and cause as soon as possible if they hear these abnormal sounds. Then repair as appropriate to ensure safe driving.

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