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What Are The Precautions For Crane Leg Operation?
- Jul 12, 2018 -

The legs of a wheeled crane must be made telescopic. The expansion and contraction of the legs on the old cranes is carried out by manpower, which is extremely inconvenient. In modern hydraulic cranes, the expansion and contraction of the legs is also hydraulically driven.

Precautions for crane leg operation include: 1. Before the legs are extended: (1) The pressure bearing capacity of the ground should be known, and the material, grounding area and grounding position of the pad should be reasonably selected to prevent the legs from sinking during operation. (2) The parking brake should be hung. (3) Pull out the leg fixing pin. 2. Pay attention to the order of extension when the legs are extended. Generally, the rear legs are extended first, and then the front legs are extended. The order of the legs is opposite. 3, H-type leg frame should not be too high, usually a little off the ground from the tire is appropriate. 4. Pay attention to the observation when erecting the legs. The slewing bearing base surface should be in a horizontal position. 5. When there is a crane with engine set on the train, after the support leg is completed, the engine should be turned off and the drive should be placed in the neutral position. 6. After the erection of the legs is completed, the grounding of the vertical legs should be checked again before the lifting operation is officially carried out. The legs should be grounded and the three legs should not appear. 7. Implementation of lifting work Do not adjust the legs during this time. When it is necessary to adjust, the object to be lifted should be grounded, the lifting work should be stopped, and after lifting the legs, the lifting work should be carried out again.

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