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What Are The Precautions For Using The Semi-trailer Legs?
- Jul 12, 2018 -

The legs are generally rigidly connected to the bridge. In the loading and unloading bridge, due to the large span, one of the legs is made of a flexible connection with the bridge, called a flexible leg; the other is still a rigid connection, called a rigid leg. The legs walk along the ground track. The structural types of the legs include a truss structure, a truss slab beam hybrid structure, a frame structure, and the like. These three types of construction are generally used in double beam bridges. L-shaped and C-shaped box-shaped structural legs are generally used in single-girder bridges.

Semi-trailer legs should be selected according to the principle of matching models and models: 1. Semi-trailer transportation in ports and coastal areas, generally based on container transportation of flatbed and skeleton vehicles, due to frequent hanging, to the legs The quality requirements are quite high, but these models are not overloaded normally. It is recommended that users choose 25T or 28T linkage legs for professional or large-volume manufacturers, although each car will increase the cost of tens or hundreds of dollars, but for busy port transportation. In other words, the loss will be even greater in a few hours. 2. Most of the logistics and long-distance transportation are mainly hurdles, warehouses, and vans. Generally, there is an overload problem. However, it is more common in China to use one car and one hang. Therefore, it is more economical to consider when selecting the legs. 16T single-action legs or 25T or 28T linkage legs with guaranteed. 3. Other special equipments such as military vehicles, power generation vehicles, mechanical equipment, motorhomes, boarding bridges, etc., should be selected according to the actual situation. Specially applicable special payloads ranging from 2T to 25T, basically available in China. Factors to be considered include load conditions, smooth running, working environment, safety requirements, etc.

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